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22,000+ Students

“Our sales have increased 91% from the low six-figures to seven-figures. The only thing we changed was the copy."

It took an average of 13 minutes for our customers to realize that our flowers weren't real. So we had to find a way to create the language around artificial flowers and tell them that the expensive bouquet that they were buying wasn't going to die in the next week.

After we took The Copy Cure, we saw an immediate result. Our customers were staying on our website twice as long, for up to eight minutes for one session. Our sales increased 91% from the low six-figures to the low seven-figures. We've never seen our sales grow that much and the only thing we changed was the copy on the site.

And best of all, we're having so much fun writing descriptions and naming our designs and people really tell us that resonates with them when they're looking at our product. It's so important to come up with the romance language and to stand out from the crowd when you have so much competition in your industry.

THE COPY CURE is a no brainer. The return on investment is immediate. It's changed our lives. What once was a burden is now a joy.

Carolyn McDonough & Cynthia Matrullo

Chief Flower Officers, Diane James Home

Connecticut, USA

Verified Purchase

“My first client ($1,000 project) reached out to me based on my website alone after I rewrote the copy.”

Since I took The Copy Cure, I've become a unicorn. Because so few web developers learn how to write copy (why, I don't know. It seems obvious), just having this new skill has made me stand out. I can position myself as a web developer who can write copy for websites. One-stop shop.

I took The Copy Cure and rewrote a lot of the copy on my website. Now, the people that reach out to me after reading my website are exactly my ideal client. My first client ($1,000 project) reached out to me based on my website alone.

This class has really taken my freelancing career up a notch.

Abby Wilson

Web mail iDeveloper

Verified Purchase

“As a seasoned writer, my initial thought was — what could they possibly teach ME? As it turns out, quite a bit.”

“I’ve been a writer my entire life and I was frustrated because my message didn’t seem to be connecting. My content sounded a lot like everyone else who was providing styling advice and I hated that. Seriously, how many times can you tell someone to add a ‘pop’ of color before they tune you out?

Each time I sent an email, people would unsubscribe. I felt like I was on the Titanic — sinking slowly! I needed help, so I laid down my pride and enrolled in the program.

As a seasoned writer, my initial thought was — what could they possibly teach ME about the art of writing? As it turns out, quite a bit. The Copy Cure exceeded my expectations. I use the lessons I learned on an almost daily basis and the small changes I’ve made have garnered some big results.

I started noticing fewer people jumping from my sinking list. More people were opening my emails. I got over 1,000 followers on Instagram, which has been a goal of mine since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. I have “regulars” who chat back each time I post.

Just this week, I got approached by a legitimate potential sponsor who wants me to partner on some posts! She told me that she loves the way I share my life with readers. Can you say, #winning!”

Quin Brewington

Personal Stylist

Brandon, FL, USA

Verified Purchase

“Our sales are 50% higher than last year — even though we closed one of our stores due to COVID.”

With our struggling two retail brick-and-mortar stores, I took the plunge to enroll in The Copy Cure. I printed the worksheets into a spiral binder, watched the first three Modules and the first Masterclass, and learned how to change our landing page for the first time ever to actually speak to our customers.

Then I wrote a paid ad and ensured I had a call to action, which you taught in your webinar. My ad was to encourage people to buy a skateboard. Within an hour of posting it, I received this comment: “Ummm, can you say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?!”

There is so much more, but in a nutshell, our phones are ringing off the hook. Our sales are 50% higher month-to-date than they were last year, even though we closed one of our stores due to COVID. We moved everything online and still haven’t opened the other store to the public.


I have so many emails I can share of what people have said about the words I’m writing.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for finally showing me the missing pieces to make my content convert. Nothing can stop me now.


Retail Store Owner

Verified Purchase

“The studio where I taught closed due to COVID. So I started my own online studio with $10,000 in sales in my first month — that's unheard of!”

I really enjoyed The Copy Cure. I'm still making my way through the bonuses, but it's definitely helping. Back in April, I finally started emailing one of my lists that was just sitting there waiting for inspiration. I only sent one email and got a Pilates client back. She went from doing no sessions to three duets a week and signed up for my membership. She also got her duet partner to add in two extra sessions. In numbers, that's now up to $1,110 extra a month because I wrote one email to eight people — in the midst of a pandemic.

The in-person studio where I taught closed. So I started my own online studio with about $10,000 in sales in my first month. I wasn't even fully on my own yet. That's unheard of! I still have a ton of work to do in this transition, but it's definitely worth it. This month started out with someone that normally buys a 20 pack of private sessions asking if she could buy a 40 pack. I was like, sure I'll take your money!

Thanks for kicking my copy's ass, helping me to add names to my client list and money to my bank account.


Verified Purchase

“I was about to drop $700 on a copywriter. I signed up for The Copy Cure instead. So far I’ve made $3,395 in revenue.”

I’m totally obsessed with copy now. I was about to drop $700 on a copywriter to help me write one sales page (max 6 pages). With the Canadian dollar being so weak, I had to say NO before I signed the contract. So, I signed up for The Copy Cure instead. It actually feels very liberating to do this myself.

So far I’ve sold 35 units at $97 USD, which equals $3,395 in revenue. More importantly, I finally have a finished product that can teach anyone about their nervous system and give them the starter tools and tips to tap into deep healing that sticks. Thanks Marie and Laura. I love what you’ve put together here… I’m smitten with all of it. You are both remarkable models for me as I pave my own way in the world of online programs.

Irene Lyon

Nervous System Specialist

Vancouver, British Columbia

Verified Purchase

“I increased sales 300%... selling pet portraits! This course paid for itself within three months.”

In The Copy Cure, I have learnt how to be myself and get that across in my copy. I have increased sales by 300%!

This course paid for itself within three months of implementing new copy on my website and sending out my new newsletters. It’s not like those other courses where you have to sit through hours of someone else’s story, The Copy Cure jumps straight into the juicy stuff. Did I say thank you? Thank you!

Jo Scott


Gloucester, United Kingdom

Verified Purchase

“The first email I sent post-Copy Cure had a 65% open rate.”

The first email I sent post-Copy Cure had a 65% open rate and for the first time EVER we received replies telling us how much they loved our email! We asked readers to share their story on an Instagram post and, honestly, we were expecting crickets. But then we started receiving stories from the heart, as though they were talking to a good friend.

You deserve all the rave reviews, The Copy Cure is a life-changing course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us to keep sharing ours to our audience.

Aisah Daldur

Designer & Educator, Fictive Fingers


Verified Purchase

“I write twice as much, twice as fast. (Yes, 200% speed growth!)”

Writing is now as much fun as the practice that we promote. (Well, almost. AcroYoga is crazy fun.) I can write twice as much communication, twice as fast. (Yes, 200% speed growth!)

The cost will be covered within one month of executing the tactics and practices in The Copy Cure because you will work faster, with more ease, and oodles more creativity.

Nicole Markoff

Northern California, USA

Verified Purchase

“The Copy Cure helped me skyrocket my profits and build a vibrant international community of over 6,000 members even before I finished half the course.”

English is my third language. I had no clue about writing marketing and sales copy online. My experience being a lawyer, arbitrator, and university teacher is boring academic legalese that nobody can understand.

I'd just settled in Switzerland with my wife and two toddlers and wanted to start a virtual law firm. The Swiss market is so tiny compared to the US market. To have success online, my website would have to be in English.

Like most lawyers, I was focused on attending networking events and building a corporate community. Though I had some traction, with about 500 corporate lawyers in my community, it wasn't going anywhere.

After the first module in The Copy Cure, Marie and Laura helped me recognize those are my colleagues, not my ideal clients. After clearing up this confusion (and many others), I immediately started several business websites and community pages targeting my clients where they are and speaking to them in the language they understand.

This course helped skyrocket my business profits and built a vibrant international community of over 6,000 members even before I finished half the course. Marie and Laura aren't just brilliant copywriting instructors, they're lifestyle transformers.

Mohamed Shahin

Corporate Legal Advice & Management Consultancy

Biel/Bienne, Canton Bern, Switzerland

Verified Purchase

“I'm running a 7-figure rafting business that's only open four months out of the year and have a website I’m really proud of.”

My writing was very boring. It was generic and blind and it sounded overly formal, which isn't who we are. Being a rafting company, we're all about fun and adventure and we wanted people to feel that when they came to our site.

The Copy Cure helped me write in a way that really sounds like us and feels like us and shows that we live in a beautiful part of the world. We wanted people to feel that excitement when they're looking at our site.

In working through The Copy Cure, I got tools and skills and I was able to start writing. I worked through the whole website, page by page, and just got it done. I have a website now that I'm really proud of.

The time on our page has increased 265% from under two minutes to over six and a half minutes. The views of our booking page have increased 125%. The number of guests we've had rafting over the last five years has increased 183%.

I went from a business that wasn’t making any money to running a seven-figure business today. And it's a seasonal business! We only run from the middle of May till the middle of September. I was able to build a business around my passion for the outdoors and being outside and getting to share that with other people. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Carmen Narancsik

Co-Founder, Glacier Raft Company

Golden, British Columbia, Canada

Verified Purchase

"From $7,000 per month to $30,000 per month in dental product sales via email."

As a result from what I learned from The Copy Cure, particularly in regards to email campaigns, we went from making $2,000 - $7,000 a month in email sales to $30,000+ a month in sales. This was from the first couple emails I sent out after implementing tips directly from The Copy Cure into my own copy.

Kendyl L.

Digital Marketer

Michigan, USA

Verified Purchase

“After 10 years buying marketing courses, this is THE most usable, actionable course I've ever taken. In one month, sign-ups on our website increased 600%. Holy smokes!”

When I became aware of The Copy Cure, it’s like a lightbulb went on in my head. I realized that copywriting was the one thing – the one BIG thing – that I’d been overlooking.

That said, it took a while before I bought the course, because I’ve taken loads of courses over the years (some quite expensive) and they’ve lacked actionable content. Keyword, actionable. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad that I pushed myself to get The Copy Cure in spite of my hesitation. From Module One I was off and running – revamping copy with gusto! No hyperbole here. Just full on truth.

As I watched the modules of the Copy Cure on my first go-around, I would pause the video and then immediately revamp copy on my website and my newsletter. The before/after was incredible! As a result, over a one month period, the sign-ups on our website increased by 600%. Holy smokes!

If you’re debating getting this course, debate no longer. After 10 years of buying and attending business/marketing/branding courses galore, this is THE most usable, actionable course I’ve ever taken. You’ll be loving writing copy. You’ll be having fun with it, for Pete’s sake!

Copy is behind everything we do to market our businesses – from newsletters to websites to social media posts. Copy drives EVERYTHING. So this is essential stuff, and Marie and Laura absolutely deliver what they say they’re going to deliver – and more. You’re gonna love the Copy Cure. Period.

Pamela Haack

Strada Toscana - Italy Walking Tours

Miami, Florida, USA

Verified Purchase

This content creator went from hating writing to writing the best copy of her life!

I'm a content creator, and I've been making videos/writing blog posts for a while. In fact, my blog has been my full-time job for over a year now! And yet I never really enjoyed writing. As a result, my writing was all over the place.

My Ideal Customer Avatar felt like one of those Facebook no-image-profile-pictures. My content was speaking to people I wasn't trying to target, and I think it may have scared away some of the women I was trying to reach.

I've just finished The Copy Cure, and it gave me clarity and loosened up my writing. Yesterday I wrote the best copy I've ever written! It speaks to my ICA and addresses her problem, using her language. It also sounds like me and feels right — like a pair of your favourite slippers (I'm Russian, we have a thing for slippers).

Masha Zvereva

Founder, Coding Blonde

Verified Purchase

“I sold $120K during my first course launch!”

I teach hand-lettering and art courses, which are typically difficult to position with a high price point. The Copy Cure taught me to write better sales pages and I was able to sell over $50K during the first few days of my first course launch! The course ended up making $120k.

Mye De Leon


Manila, Philippines

Verified Purchase

“I sold out my workshop, had my highest attendance in 12 months, and raised ticket prices 50%! Copy cured.”

I had almost given up. I bought another copywriting product and the result was copy that sounded like the stuff I saw all over. It sent that same wave of ick through my skin when reading it. But no matter where I looked, this is what everyone was saying to do. And I almost signed on.

Thank God for The Copy Cure. Now I get to do what I wanted to in the first place — write with impact, sound like me, be creative, make money, and ENJOY doing it. I was able to consume the whole program in two days, and give all of my copy a makeover.

One workshop sold out, another had its highest attendance in 12 months, and another sold at nearly the same rate but with a 50% increase in ticket price. Excitingly, I had people tell me they signed up specifically because of what I wrote, and that they’d seen similar or the same workshops before and weren’t interested. Copy cured.

Kevin Oberhausen

Mindset Activist

Illinois, USA

Verified Purchase

"I made $50,000 in the first 7 months... from my Renaissance History podcast."

Since taking The Copy Cure I:

  • Launched my Shopify store and generated $50,000 in the first 7 months.
  • Created the first online summit on Tudor history - the Tudor Summit. 1100 people signed up for the first one and The Facebook group grew to 1300 members.
  • Created the first monthly Tudor Treat subscription box, and sold 65 subscriptions in the first 3 months.
  • Have been offered a radio show, which I'm negotiating now.
  • Have been approached by two publishers interested in publishing future books I write.
  • Am now putting this all together into a new venture where I teach OTHER creative entrepreneurs how to do this. I've been featured on an entrepreneur podcast, and had a guest post on the blog of one of my mentors. It's AMAZEBALLS, and I'm SO THRILLED.
  • This is the best course for people who are looking to communicate who they are and what they do. If you want more clarity around your business, and to better express what you’re all about, take The Copy Cure!
Heather Teysko

The Renaissance English History Podcast

Andalucia, Spain

Verified Purchase

"The month before I changed my Amazon description I sold 3 copies of my book. The month I changed it? 46."

One of the first big wins was with my emails. After an Office Hours call with Marie and Laura I took their advice to tell my readers a story from the heart, while delivering value, even if it didn't directly relate to my books (something I rarely did). I used their subject line tactics to come up with a great one. Usually I get 0-3 responses to a newsletter. I got over 40 responses! AND my readers thanked me for sharing, expressed how much the message meant to them, and how it was exactly what they needed to hear.

The next time I sent a newsletter following the same Copy Cure advice, over 65 readers responded!

Another big win was with my product descriptions. Book descriptions are generally pretty standard: 150-400 words talking about the story and then a few sentences on the theme. And so at first, when going through the Copy Cure lesson on sales pages, I didn’t think it applied to me. But then I thought, “Well, could it?”

I used Joanna Wiebe’s advice from one of the Masterclasses and Marie’s 5 Part G.U.S.T.A. Method on my book page on Amazon. I’ve NEVER seen another author do anything like this.

The month before I changed the description I sold 3 copies at full price. The month I changed it? 46.

Small numbers, I know. But that represents a huge increase — 1433%! And in the four months following, those sales have stayed steady. Even better, when I had run a $0.99 promotion on my book a couple of months earlier I had sold 302 books, but made only 35% royalties. Now I’m selling my books at full price and making 70% royalties. (I actually made more money selling those 46 books than the 302, and I had to pay A LOT more in advertising to sell those 302.)

During the sale month the readthrough from book 1 to book 2 was less than 8%. These full price sales are averaging 58% read-throughs from book 1 to 2 and 89% read-throughs from book 2 to 3. So clearly the readers who are buying at full price are much more committed to reading the book — and keep on reading!

Charlene Carr

Novelist & Independent Publisher

Nova Scotia, Canada

Verified Purchase

“I spoke at TEDx, published my first book, and made over $10,000 in sales.”

I signed up for The Copy Cure about 3 months after leaving my job and starting my business. It was a total game changer. I was able to learn a sh*t ton in a short amount of time and apply immediately to my website. I'm almost 4 years into my business now and continue to go back to the modules for a refresher.

This course helped me become a success story, especially amongst many who say that coaches are not able to thrive.

There are so many positive results, it's amazing. I always wanted to write for MindBodyGreen and now have a few articles there, as well as Thrive Global. I also just wrote my 2nd TEDx talk and am working on my 3rd. I have been invited to speak at many more events, conferences, keynotes and podcasts, in part because of my writing (emails to the event coordinators, applications, etc).

Lastly, I published my first book last year after taking The Copy Cure and used what I learned to write my entire book. I have had a lot of success with my book and within one year, have been asked to speak at a TEDx, national conferences and events all over the country… and made over $10,000 in book sales. My writing is tighter, better and I'm seeing continuous amazing opportunities to write more. I am so, so, so grateful to Marie and Laura for doing this course!

The Copy Cure is PRICELESS. Whatever you need to do — be it skip, hop, run, walk, shimmy, shake, jump or leap over the fence — do it, and do it now. This was THE best decision I made soon after starting my business. It. Is. Worth. Every. Penny. And then some... The Copy Cure is a #gamechanger.

Julie Reisler


Washington, DC, USA

Verified Purchase

“Our gala netted over $150,000 — a whopping 5x the proceeds from other beneficiary events in the past!”

Personally, I'm writing faster and easier. I've modeled "moving the spotlight" and "voice of the customer" for our clients and our donors. Because of the results our staff, volunteers, and board members are energized to do the same. They've seen how this generous way of communicating resonates with so many people they come into contact with everyday. This transformation has happened in both written copy and conversations! We've had increased board interest, more engagement with emails, more sponsorships, and more donations. A few examples...

Our year-end email to donors caught the eye of a foundation officer who’d given us a grant during the year. A few weeks later, a second grant gift check was at our office — before we had the chance to make the ask!

In 2018, we had to pull off two fundraising events instead of one. This was going to be a hearty challenge for our donors. But shining the spotlight and using the voice of customers resonated so well that Lawyers for Warriors had its best year ever, netting over $65,000. Then, our gala netted over $150,000 — a whopping 5x the proceeds from other beneficiary events in the past!

I paid for the Copy Cure as an investment in my individual development. Now our clients, staff, volunteers, and board members receive strong copy tools that they can use as ambassadors of our nonprofit!

Kellyann Romanych

Veterans Legal Institute

California, USA

Verified Purchase

“I get an average 3-4 new patients a week - almost a 400% improvement.”

I had just moved out to my own clinic after being an associate for 5 years. I no longer had the reputation of the clinic to support me - I was on my own, and I had to find a way to stand out.

I didn't want to sound like a robot, and I wanted to keep my fun, light-hearted personality front and centre. I'd taken B-School so I knew The Copy Cure would be solid information.

Besides personal referrals, my website is now my main source of patients. I get an average of 3-4 new patients a week and 80% of them say, "Being on your website was like looking in a mirror," or "I knew you could help me when I was on your website," or "It's like you were talking exactly to me." (By the way 3-4 is the POST Copy Cure number, and previous to that was 0-1 new patients per week - almost a 400% improvement.)

Knowing how to talk to your customers is the most important thing you can do. Get off the fence. The world is waiting for you.

Tonia Winchester

Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Verified Purchase

“I’ve doubled the size of my list since The Copy Cure!”

As a 3rd generation fishing family, I knew we had a compelling story, but wasn't confident I could tell it right. I was writing emails to my list that I wouldn't even want to read. They were way too long, and didn't get right to the point. I felt like I needed to hire someone to do ALL my writing, but that seemed too expensive and like the wrong approach since it's my own story that I needed to tell.

I have doubled the size of my list since The Copy Cure! I found my voice, which means I can write a lot faster and easier, plus the process is less painful.

Sena Wheeler

Sena Sea, Wild Alaskan Fish

Washington, USA

Verified Purchase

“I saw a 60% open rate just by increasing readability. You’re not going to find this much value anywhere for this price.”

I nailed my landing page and my emails were far more interesting. My emails increased to a 60% open rate just by improving readability, adding a gif or two and spicing up the subject line.

You’re not going to find this much value anywhere for this price. Copy aka words are the gateway to your service and vision. Words sell. They paint pictures and Marie can get you from noodle art to Basquiat in just a few lessons. All the handouts, calls, and resources alone are worth the money but the masterclasses. Omg next level. Just do it! It’s Marie Forleo for God’s sake.

Christina Torres

Run & Tell That


Verified Purchase

“I rewrote my web copy and landed three more ideal clients within 24 hours. It used to take me three months to do that!”

I'd only finished Module One, but I rewrote my web copy the same day and landed three more ideal clients within 24 hours. It used to take me three months to do that!

Now — having completed The Copy Cure — clients come to me because they say it’s as if I can read their mind. Knowing how to find your customers is one thing, but having them convert into paying customers is quite another. The Copy Cure helped me do that. One year later, my business has reached well over 6-figures!

Becky Keen

Business Coach

Nova Scotia, Canada

Verified Purchase

“Two months after taking The Copy Cure I closed a deal worth $79,500.”

Two months after taking The Copy Cure course I closed a deal worth $79,500 (Canadian). That client was already in the pipeline before I took the course, but I wouldn't have had the confidence to pitch for that price tag.

I’d wanted to take The Copy Cure for at least four years, but for some reason or other I always had a bunch of excuses about why I didn't have time, or it was too expensive, or I wasn't sure if it was really going to work for me.

Even though it was quite expensive for me at the time, I finally decided to take the course. I didn’t want to wait anymore, so I decided to gift it to myself as a birthday present.

It is the best online course I have ever purchased. By this point, five years into my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve taken quite a few online courses. And hands down this course provided me with the most value in terms of what I learned, and the confidence it gave me.

When I started The Copy Cure, I remember going into the Member Area and immediately being blown away by how amazing it felt. Honestly, just the work that you and your team have done to make the space inside feel warm and inviting and inspiring is amazing. I felt supported and empowered.

I was working in a restaurant while also running my freelance business. It was definitely hard — working nights and running my business during the day and on weekends. Two months after taking The Copy Cure, I ended up pitching and closing the biggest freelance deal I've ever closed — worth almost $80,000 total! That meant I could quit my job at the restaurant and work full-time on my business.

On one of these projects that I closed, I actually decided to triple my price. I normally would have charged $5,000, but I knew that I wasn't actually going to be happy if I charged that amount because it was so much work. After taking The Copy Cure I knew didn't want to grind away anymore.

And so I did it. I wrote my sales copy for the proposal, and they went for it! I didn’t even have to do a call or a pitch meeting. I literally just delivered a PDF with the proposal and they said yes. I was kind of shocked. This has changed my perspective completely on what is possible if you actually understand your client and write in a way that makes them feel like they’re being seen and heard and understood.

Honestly, if you’re thinking about taking The Copy Cure, just stop thinking and take it. You have to watch all the videos, and you need to do all the work. But if you do — and if you really put your heart and soul into the worksheets — then I don't think it's possible not to be transformed by the program.

Whether or not you end up closing an $80,000 deal two months later, The Copy Cure will make you a smarter, more empathetic, more strategic and more confident business owner.

Colette Nichol

Founder, Story Envelope

Vancouver, Canada

Verified Purchase

“People stop me on the street to thank me for my blog posts.”

I knew that my blogging set me apart, but I also knew that I needed to drive traffic TO my blog via social media… and that's where The Copy Cure REALLY helped.

My audience has grown! From email subscribers to website visitors (up to 500 per day when I write a new blog post), to relationship-building (people stop me on the street to thank me for my blog posts)... it's been AWESOME.

I'm writing more, and it's taking less time. When I need a refresher, I simply refer back to the Copy Cure and get an instant boost to write, and write well. I have bought many courses to learn about business, but this is one of the MOST useful... simply because I actually use it. If you have a course addiction like me, this will ring true.

Amanda Perrot

Founder, Grounded Goodness

St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, Canada

Verified Purchase

“I’m 62 years old and my online sales have increased by 20%.”

I stayed home to raise my kids. I put my children through college. I put my husband through college, and at 52 I realized if I didn't take some time for myself, I was never going to have any. I decided to start a business. I love soap making. It's my passion. It really gets me excited.

I needed some help writing because of my past history. I was a scientist, I was a medical technologist, and I wrote things very precise, very short. I didn't know anything about creative writing. Before I took The Copy Cure, I would sit down at the computer and freeze, paralyzed with fear. I didn't even know how to start.

Now, I don't hesitate. I sit down at the computer and the words come. I'm not afraid of being myself in my writing like I used to be before. It helped me learn how to trust myself. I don't freeze when I write. I don't put off my writing now.

Right after The Copy Cure I could see that my engagement with my customers has grown. My newsletter gets opened more and I get responses. My social media posts get likes and they get comments now. My online sales have increased by 20%. I get sales from Instagram and I get sales from Facebook now.

I've discovered myself. I love the confidence that I have. I love my life. The Copy Cure gave me permission to be myself.

Angela Carillo

Founder, Alegna Soap

New York, USA

Verified Purchase

“I had a $25,000 launch thanks to The Copy Cure.”

Before The Copy Cure, I was going to launch a course and was considering hiring a copywriter because I sucked at writing and was too slow at it. I have not only received 50% more engagement writing and sharing with MY voice on social media and my platform as a whole, but I also created all the launch copy for my online course and had a $25,000 launch thanks to The Copy Cure.

I LOVED the way the course is hilarious and interactive. DOOOO IIITTTT!!!!! It is one of the most revolutionary mind shifts in communication and marketing your business.

Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez

Editor-in-Chief, DISfunkshion Magazine

Miami, Florida, USA

Verified Purchase

Her real estate listings went from yawn to sizzle.

I have a new listing coming on the market this upcoming weekend and had begun to write it in ways which make everyone yawn, and thought, "this is a wow house; I'm giving it pizzazz."

And you know what?!? I sent out a 'coming soon' to all my top agent colleagues, and within fifteen minutes my friend Stacey wrote me this: "Your marketing copy is awesome. You go, girl! I'm sick of the boring old stuff....."this stately home boasts a blah blah blah!"

And then, a long-time Realtor who I barely even know sends me this, half an hour later: "Just have to say this house sounds glorious. Really fine writing. Wish we had the buyer."

OMG! Thank you, both. I loved The Copy Cure and reading this from others thrills me.

Adele Gillis


California, USA

Verified Purchase

"I’ve increased my TAKE-HOME income by over $1500/month every month since taking The Copy Cure."

By adjusting my subject line copy and more thoroughly answering common questions in my sales pages, I’ve increased my TAKE-HOME income by over $1500/month every month since taking The Copy Cure.

My husband woke up one day and said, “Hey, I’d like to custom build a computer. That sounds fun.” And thanks to The Copy Cure I could say, “That’s in the budget. Do it!

Rev. Erin-Ashley Kerti

Founder, Spiritual Mechanic

Oregon, USA

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“I've published a book, written 120 blog posts, 67 podcast episodes, and have an 80,000-word manuscript sitting in the wings. I owe a lot of this to The Copy Cure!”

Before I discovered The Copy Cure, I'd wasted 25 years writing vanilla-flavoured corporate documents for an ultra-conservative software company. Once I made the decision to start a blog, I knew my writing had to change. I had to find the human again. Thanks to Marie and Laura, I did.

I write a whole faster now; and easier than ever before. I've knocked the jagged tops off of my language yet can still present “respectability” when the environment demands it. People say they love how “human” I am (told you it worked). They say I'm great at communicating complex ideas in a way that shows I know who they are, where they're at and what they need to hear.

The Copy Cure gave me the skills and confidence to expect more from myself. As a result, I've published a book, written 120 blog posts, written and recorded 67 podcast episodes, and I have an 80,000-word manuscript sitting in the wings. I owe a lot of this to Marie, Laura and The Copy Cure!

For years I've maintained that when I want to change my life, I need to level up my influences FIRST. That means finding teachers who've actually succeeded at the thing I'm seeking to do. Also, I know that when you buy cheap, you always buy twice — first the tight-arse option, and then the one you should have bought in the first place. That's how I approached copywriting — I went straight to the best.

The thing is, writing impacts so much of what we do, and while it's easy to spot great writing, it's much harder to understand why it’s great. What The Copy Cure does is demystify the “secrets,” and shows you exactly what's needed to become a writer you can be proud of.

We creatives, entrepreneurs and marketers tend to be our own worst critics, and the quality of our copy is an easy (and frequent) target. I knew I needed to silence my lizard-brain and start writing with heart. The Copy Cure helped me achieve that. It's not the “buy cheap” option; it's the BEST option. Marie and Laura are brilliant at what they do, and copywriting is a huge part of their respective success stories. If you want to learn from the best in the game, well, you've found them. Take the course, and I guarantee you'll notice the difference. Others will notice the difference. And then before long, your life will be different, too.

Peter Fritz

Founder, OfficeAnywhere

Melbourne, Australia

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“Within minutes after sending my first newsletter post-Copy Cure, I received this response from a subscriber, ‘Loved your newsletter! So inspiring and exciting.’”

I drive a lot of traffic to my yarn website but knew my conversion rate could be higher. My writing felt flat and boring. I wanted my personality to shine through in a way that didn't confuse my message.

If there is one thing you can learn that will touch (and drastically improve) every single area of these interactions, it's how to write copy that draws people in. The Copy Cure teaches you these essential strategies, and Marie doesn't skimp on the examples.

The techniques in each module can be applied to multiple areas of your business right away. Within minutes after sending my first newsletter post-Copy Cure, I received this response from a subscriber, "Loved your newsletter! So inspiring and exciting." I knew immediately that this program was magic, and that I was on the right track!

Cheryl Ham

Hypnotic Yarn

New Hampshire, USA

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“We're on track to book between $1.2-$1.4 million this year.”

The Copy Cure is an amazing program. For such a small investment, it's really a no-brainer. You'll see results immediately. Honestly, just learning how to write better headlines is worth the investment in the course itself. Get your emails opened… and say hello to better conversions right away.

I attribute the business growth of Flourish & Thrive academy to a lot of things, of course hard work and a commitment. However, we finally crossed the 7-figure mark in revenue last year after 5 years in business. This year we're on track to book somewhere between $1.2-$1.4 million this year. Writing is easier. The Copy Cure has helped make my stories more concise so they hit home. That in and of itself has increased our conversions for the long-term.

If you want your perfect dream clients to connect with your brand and story and buy from you, take this course. You'd be silly (and maybe a little stupid) not too.

Tracy Matthews

Jewelry Designer

New York, New York, USA

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“I doubled my rates and still saw my bookings increase.”

I had lost my joy. I wasn't enjoying my time. I was planning to just power through the next 2 years while my kids are little because it all felt so hard. I was getting a lot of work done but I felt so stressed out about how much work I still had left to do. And honestly, I was struggling with some depression because of all of those things.
My writing flows faster and easier since The Copy Cure. I send out one great email a week to my audience, and I always get amazing feedback. I was able to double my rates for my services, communicate that to my audience, and still see my bookings increase.

The best result though is that I’m finally pulling my book together. I’ve been working on it for FOUR YEARS. I can see what needs to be cut, changed, and improved to make it work. And what’s more is I know EXACTLY how to improve it. I’m on track to have it finished in the next three months, and I can truly say that wouldn’t have happened without this program. And finally, I have my first memoir piece being published in a women's magazine this spring — a HUGE win in my copy journey.

The Copy Cure has made my life flow 1000x more easily! Inside your business and out, it will change your writing life. If you feel like writing is a struggle, a chore, takes too much time, or never yields what you want, you've gotta sign up. It'll empower you in so many ways. A side effect was a huge boost to my confidence. Now, when I've got something big to say, or I want to reach out to larger social media accounts or businesses for potential partnerships, I'm never nervous, ashamed, or feel like I'm too small. I know that my words can carry my message, because they've got the CPR and every other trick Marie and Laura teach with such love and precision.

Tara Alexandria Couts

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“It was the best money I could have spent.”

I felt like my writing was the worst and everyone else’s was amazing. I was never happy with what I wrote. Now, I am so much more relaxed about the content that I put out. It was the best money I could have spent. I wrote with abandon after the Copy Cure.

Sandy Connery

COO, Namastream

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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“This course is one of the best investments I have made online and for my business.”

I learned so much and so fast. I used to dread writing, and this course lifted that black cloud that lingered over my head.

Jacquie Mcardle

Artist & Clothing Designer

New York City, USA

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“I homeschool four children, work about 20 hours a week, and every single year my business has doubled in size and revenue. Now we're in the multiple six figures.”

I knew that I wanted to write to people in a way that really connects and inspires, but I was worried that I wasn't sounding professional enough or I wasn't able to translate my in-real-life personality in the written word. Everything I was writing was turning into a snooze fest.

Since taking The Copy Cure my business, my team, and my revenue have more than quadrupled. I feel zero anxiety about writing copy and it comes easily. I'm even applying what I've learned in THE COPY CURE to help me write my first book.

Since launching my business in August of 2016, I've been able to grow it to a place where it's sustainable and able to sustain my lifestyle. I homeschool four children and I can't work more than about 20 hours a week. The work that I do creates enough revenue to sustain my team of three other part-time moms.

Every single year the business has doubled in size and revenue. Now we're in the multiple six figures with a forecast to continue on that trajectory.

But even more important than that is the impact that I'm able to create through my courses and memberships. We have thousands of members from over 60 countries world-wide and it's becoming a global movement. Our mailing list has grown to over 50,000 people in just three years.

Our social media audience has over a hundred thousand people, YouTube over 50,000 people and over 2 million views

If someone asked me if they should take The Copy Cure, I would say absolutely jump in without looking back. It's a crucial skill that we all need. Good copy connects you to other people and makes your message clear and compelling. I think this is the fastest, easiest, and most exciting and fun way to hone in on the skill that will serve you for a lifetime to come.

Avital Schreiber Levy

Mindful Parenting Coach

USA & Israel

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“The Copy Cure totally knocked my socks off.”

I confess I have too many online courses that I’ve purchased and filed away. But this one hooked me from the get go and keeps me coming back for more. It’s packed with great content, exercises, and ideas for blowing your copywriting open and turning it into customer velcro.

Johanna Walker

Public Speaking Coach & Founder of Story Slam Boulder

Colorado, USA

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"Well, it worked! 60 students enrolled in my course — a $200 course about pleasure, not ‘how to make millions.’ We’re talking $12,000 for wine and cheese here, folks.”

Well, it worked. My prose went through the rinse cycle with The Copy Cure, with the extra cleaning power of hundreds of tips on how to make every word sparkle.

I used this clean prose to write my way into the hearts (and livers) of my students. On the beta launch for my course, “Pairing Wine & Cheese with Style and Attitude,” I had 60 students enroll for this $200 course.

That’s a $200 course about pleasure, not “how to make millions.” We’re talking $12,000 for wine and cheese here, folks. I’m thrilled, and I can’t wait to use more of the stain-guard prose protection of The Copy Cure when I relaunch my course this spring.

I raise my glass to both Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray, the best Copy Cleaners in the biz.

Cheers y’all!

Natalie Maclean

Wine Writer, Grape White North

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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“My projects feel more alive and fun.”

Not only did The Copy Cure help me become a more clear and concise writer, but it even changed the way I speak! It was more like The Conversation Cure for me. It helped me connect directly with my ideal customer, which is making my projects feel much more alive and fun. Heck, it’s even helping me work through my perfectionism, saving me loads of time and energy. And THAT is priceless.

Sharon Gray, LAC

Digestive Health Specialist

Washington, USA

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“The Copy Cure saved me THOUSANDS on copywriters.”

At my practice, I couldn’t take on hundreds of new clients (obviously), but I knew people weren’t equipped with the skills they needed. Through my blog, presentations, and online courses I’ve been able to spread the gospel of relationship skills far and wide with feedback from around the world.

I did another online copy course and it was OK, but I didn’t get a ton out of it. The Copy Cure was a different ballgame. Just like B-School, it DELIVERS!!! It saved me THOUSANDS on copywriters. Forever grateful.

Jennie Ormson

Clinical Social Worker

Ontario, Canada

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“I have sold $1,000 worth of product in two weeks to a small list of only 305 subscribers.”

The Copy Cure has been a revelation. I had major writer’s block and didn’t even TRY to communicate with my followers even though I knew I had something unique and wonderful to offer them. The Copy Cure got me moving and I have sold $1,000 dollars worth of product in two weeks to a small list of only 305 subscribers. I now ENJOY writing and communicating to my followers and for that I am so thankful.

Shauna Kathleen

Holistic Health Coach

Costa Rica

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“Right after I took The Copy Cure, I wrote an ad for a local magazine and my husband said ‘Damn, that’s awesome. How’d you do that?”

My husband and I opened a restaurant together. We love the mom and pop style so we try to encourage that across our branding work. Right after I took The Copy Cure, I wrote an ad for a local magazine and my husband said ‘Damn, that’s awesome. How’d you do that?’ I just smiled and said I’ve been working hard on all of this. He said, ‘Well it certainly shows.’

I write a lot. I swear a lot. I make people laugh a lot. I wanted a way to combine my assets, not scare away people, but still sound true. The Copy Cure showed me ways to do all that and people respond positively to our funny, curious style.

Laura Mastropietro

Owner, Curious Country Italian Restaurant

Arizona, USA

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“The Copy Cure is the best investment I’ve EVER made.”

I know my product works but I wasn't attracting my ideal customers to my website... This was incredibly frustrating because I wrote a book to help people overcome what 30 million people suffer from in the USA alone. And I was spending 24/7 trying to reach that huge population but getting very little engagement.

Something needed to change. I struggled with an eating disorder for 10 years. Sharing what I learned makes those difficult years worth it. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness so I was DESPERATE to reach my ideal customers with the information that turned my life around — information that allowed me to get back to focusing on the people, animals and projects I love.

The Copy Cure was the missing link I needed.

These are the kind of messages people now send me regularly:
"You literally saved my life."
"Your voice and message has helped me get healthy after an intense period of confusion and suffering."
"Thank you Kelly for sharing what you've learned — you have no idea how much you've helped me and I'm so grateful."
"This post makes me brim with joy! This post just smashes out of the ball-park."
"This is a great post – and so is your entire blog/site. I’m really happy to have found a kindred spirit and so many excellent posts."
"You’ve set out a blueprint for those who want to make positive changes."

Thanks to The Copy Cure I'm connecting with my ideal customers and getting positive engagement all the time.

The Copy Cure is the best investment I’ve EVER made. I laughed out loud so many times during the modules as the scripts inject a lot of humour while still being professional.

Before I took The Copy Cure I actually thought my book, about and home page were PERFECT. I spent so much time on them plus I'm my ICA, so I was sure I got it right! How wrong I was... I just feel so lucky I could take The Copy Cure.

Kelly Clark

Weight-Loss Coach & Author

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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“Writing has never come naturally to me. Now, it flows.”

Writing has never come naturally to me. It took effort and lots of energy, Now, it flows. I love sitting down to write a customer email. I'm able to get my thoughts on paper concisely and in a way to get someone to open that email and like it. The Copy Cure made writing fun!

And — it's translated out of my professional life into my personal life by helping fundraising efforts for my children's school.

Take the leap. Trust yourself to grow and learn. Step out of your comfort zone. Do a good thing for your business.

Julie Vanderpoel

Ciao Bella Oils

Illinois, USA

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“I’m getting so many messages about how my blog posts have changed readers’ lives.”

I’m naturally reaching more people and I’m getting so many comments and messages about how my blog posts and social media shares have changed readers’ lives. It feels great to be myself and combine my personality with my knowledge to create my dream business and life.

Lula Brown

Founder, Good Taste By Lula Brown

New York City, USA

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“I’ve gone from writing, rewriting, and tweaking my About page, to finally launching my blog and online presence.”

My writing skills are sound, but I struggled to write conversational or ‘relatable’ copy. This was my downfall. I couldn’t write copy for my business without sounding stiff and wordy. It prevented me, time and time again, from finishing my website. This course gives great, actionable tips that helped me learn to write copy that sells. I’ve gone from writing, rewriting, and tweaking my About page, to finally launching my blog and online presence. Thanks to The Copy Cure, I’ve wasted less time and it’s cured me of my lack of confidence. That’s a HUGE win for me.

Sophia Banfield

Founder & Letterer of The Type Project

Melbourne, Australia

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“Not only did The Copy Cure help my business, but it brought in half a million dollars in revenue for just one of our clients.”

The Copy Cure was everything I was looking for in trying to sell better with words online. I needed the technical know how as well as being able to write with personality.

Because of the tactics that I learned in The Copy Cure, I've been able to turn that into thousands of new emails coming in every month from my clients.

Not only did The Copy Cure help my business, but it brought in half a million dollars in revenue for just one of our clients.

Bryce Eldridge

Creative Director & Marketer, Knowledge House

Ohio, USA

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“I can knock out a blog post in less than 20 minutes."

I am constantly creating content for something, whether it be for me or for my clients, but I didn't know where to start. Now I can knock out a blog post or lengthy insta post in less than 20 minutes. My words resonate with my readers and the responses are amazing. People feel connected to me more than ever. Writing how I talk has never felt better!

Tena Pettis

Brand Strategist

Minnesota, USA

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“The Copy Cure will change your life! Not just your business, but your personal life too.”

I recently helped a friend craft a text message to a relative she was having trouble with. After I put my Copy Cure skills to work, her message went from unclear and soft, to direct and concise. So much so that she wants to take The Copy Cure now, just to strengthen her personal communication skills! Thank you Team Forleo for teaching me how to clearly and easily convey my message. The Copy Cure will change your life! Not just your business life, but your personal life too.

Carter Seibels

Woman Shops World Inc.

North Carolina, USA

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“My writing has changed drastically. I'm no longer afraid.”

Before the Copy Cure I didn’t trust online courses. I'd spend small amounts on How To's or Checklists or top-level-only content to find nothing of great value that I didn't already know. And no deeper explanation than, “Write good content.” Um duh, but how???

Saying YES to the Copy Cure was hard for me because investing in myself was tied up in not trusting myself to make good decisions. I'm so glad I trusted Marie. I said YES on the strength of Marie alone, and to get Laura's wisdom and personality in my life was such a big bonus.

At the start of The Copy Cure my focus was split. I was running two blogs and not really getting anywhere with either.

I had become quite well-known in my local area and had been invited to some events, but both blogs were quite similar and I got confused regularly as to which article should go on which one. I also KNEW IN MY GUT that I was providing good value, but they weren't being read! I was stumped.

In the first two modules of the Copy Cure alone I realised how much I DIDN'T know about writing and how to engage with my reader. After two modules I had to ask myself: Which direction do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

I made the decision to shut down one blog and work solely on my passion.

Marie and Laura gave me permission to stop waffling and just say it straight. My writing has changed drastically, and the value is shining through. I'm no longer afraid to write thoughtful details that delight my reader. I know what I can do, so I don't doubt myself.

The quality of events I get invited to now has drastically increased. From lemonade to champagne baby! I've learnt that when you surround yourself with good people (online and off) good things happen. I feel surrounded by Marie and Laura. I'm now less doubtful of my abilities to write a good piece of work. Which is life changing.

Lizzie Roles

Founder, Love For Somerset

United Kingdom

Verified Purchase

“We’ve had SO many patients say that they chose our practice because they felt heard and understood after reading our website.”

We were creating a website for a new medical practice and wanted to show that we were different. Our copy is very conversational and empathetic. We always make the copy about the patient even if we are talking about ourselves.

We have had SO many (more than we can count) patients say that they chose our practice because they felt ‘heard’ and ‘understood’ after reading our website. Some people said that after reading the questions on the home page and answering ‘Yes’ to every single one they knew they had to make an appointment. If you want people to actually read your copy - take The Copy Cure!

Monica Hauser

Hauser Health

Maryland, USA

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“I'm writing more and faster AND I now have a constant stream of clients.”

I had a strong writing voice, but I knew I was missing some of the real magic. I knew I hadn't yet reached my audience. It was a process of fine-tuning to make my words more ME.

I now have a constant stream of clients and higher engagement across all social media, I'm writing more and faster AND the #1 reason people say they were attracted to working with me is that they like the way I am on the internet. I mean, c'mon... ‘I like who you are???’ That's amazing. And that's down to how I'm able to express myself uniquely. My voice is mine. And that is gold.

The story you tell is EVERYTHING… it is the single most important piece of your business and if you know you aren't yet in the Copy Yoda zone, then you need to get The Copy Cure stat.

Heather Thorkelson

Business Strategist

Gävle, Sweden

Verified Purchase

"I've had a 360 degree turnaround in my writing thanks to The Copy Cure, which is the only course I've ever re-listened to (at least 5 times now!)."

I was having a hard time getting my personality across in my website copy. It sounded contrived — like a telemarketer's monotonous script. It was bland, unengaging, and uninspiring. It didn't motivate people to buy my services.

The Copy Cure is honestly the best investment I've made for my business. I've paid significantly more for other courses which sounded great in the promotional material, but didn't make much of an impact — on me or my business’s profitability.

The Copy Cure is superb. It's really fun and engaging to work through and you can come back to it again and again and learn something that you didn't get a handle on the first time round. And you get the updated material when it's released to keep you feeling inspired to write in your own voice. Forget the formal grammar rules you were taught at school and free yourself up to write as you speak and sound like a person you'd be happy to engage with and buy from.

I've had a 360 degree turnaround in my copywriting thanks to The Copy Cure, which is the only course I've ever re-listened to (at least 5 times now!). I love copywriting. A skill for life.

Miriam Reilly

Director, April Danann Shop & Clinic


Verified Purchase

“I sent 3 pitches to 3 different companies and all 3 hired me!”

My background is in accounting and I was struggling to make my emails sound more like a person. My emails were all "just the facts.” I knew my email copy was boring but wasn't sure how to be witty or add more spice.

I was able to implement some changes to my copy right away! The course is packed and to the point without being hours and hours of long rambling videos. Each video is example-packed and fun.

I started adding more stories and personality to my emails. I sent 3 pitches to 3 different companies and all 3 hired me!

Heather Christian

Digital Marketer

California, USA

Verified Purchase

“The moment I went through the first lesson, I wished I had done it sooner. I don't feel like I am talking on stage to an empty theatre anymore.”

I could see that I would be the perfect fit for a potential client, but I would get responses such as: “Sounds great, but right now I don't have the time for that,” or “I can't afford it” or “I just enrolled in something similar.” I felt misunderstood and frustrated. Like: I want to share my gifts and add value, why can't I get them to sign up!?

That's why I invested in The Copy Cure and, to be honest, I waited two years before getting it. And the moment I went through the first lesson, I wished I had done it sooner.


  1. I write way faster. Because I found my voice, writing just flows. I'm adding humor, story telling, and personal anecdotes.
  2. I am getting much more interaction. People reply to my emails and tell me their stories! I don't feel like I am talking on stage to an empty theatre anymore, but actually get to connect with my audience.
  3. Open rates of my weekly emails improved 5-10%.
  4. My videos improved. I take what I have learned into making videos, insta stories, FB Lives. Which increases engagement big time!
  5. Overall, people relate more to what I write. They recognize themselves in it. Which leads to more sales.
  6. I have an overload of inspiration. Where I used to think that I didn't have anything to say this week to send my audience an email, I now see inspiration in everything I do - so I'm not out of ideas anymore.

It would have saved me lots of time if I would have gotten The Copy Cure in the first place! My launches, FB ads, social media posts, blog posts…. engagement went up so much after The Copy Cure that it would have been great to have done this earlier. So do it — don't wait — it's a great investment in your biz.

Relinde Moors

Embody Your Business Method

Amsterdam, The Netherlands/Bali, Indonesia

Verified Purchase

“I’m writing faster and spending far less time on my blog posts. There were so many strategies I’d never even considered!”

I’m a technical writer and editor, and am used to reading jargon all day long. It's my job to not only clean up what authors write, but reword everything so it's clear, concise, and gets their point across (basically, everything The Copy Cure teaches). But since I'm so used to reading this kind of writing, it tends to show up in my own.

I signed up for The Copy Cure to help me make my blog posts and website copy more powerful, which it definitely did. A truly fabulous side benefit is that I now write faster because of Marie's "talker's block" concept. I used to sit for HOURS, slaving over how to say something and then overthinking it to the point of paralysis. Now when I get stuck I just say out loud, "Okay, what are you trying to tell these people?" Then I say it, and then I write it! I am writing faster and spending far less time on my blog posts. . . and they're a lot better!

I guarantee you that you'll get value out of The Copy Cure, no matter how good of a writer you are. There were so many strategies I never even considered (talker's block, using contractions) that have not only improved my writing but also made writing a lot more fun and less of a chore. The Copy Cure was awesome, and I'm so glad I did it. :)

Camille Martin, RD

Love Your Life | Lose The Weight

North Carolina, USA

Verified Purchase

“I wrote an award-winning book!”

My writing for the past 15 years consisted of educational plans and test results. I knew how to write concise, factual reports. I wanted to write a book but my writing skills were subpar at best.

I dug into your course, learned a whole new way of communicating, gained much needed confidence and wrote my award-winning book! I started a wellness biz for stressed out moms, I’m writing a second book and cresting my first course! I NEVER would have had the confidence to move forward without this course. It made writing fun! Who knew I had it in me... I didn’t.

It was the best investment I’ve ever made. I credit this simple, fun, empowering, challenging course to my life-changing professional direction. Thank you!!!

Maureen Lake

Wellness Coach

Colorado, USA

Verified Purchase

“I created my new website in a week! I'm writing quicker and with more clarity — and English is not my native language.”

A few weeks ago I was more of a mess that I would like to admit. On the outside everyone asked how I did it all. On the inside I knew I wasn’t really doing anything, at least not well.

Even before the pandemic I was constantly in a state of overwhelm. If I had downtime I felt guilty or that I was failing at my duties. Then we all started working from home — believe me, I’m grateful I had the ability to keep working — and my life morphed into a haze of work, taking care of the family, doom scrolling, anxiety of not doing or being good enough.

I was scared. I had so many ideas in my head but I didn't know how to translate then into words because English is not my native language. I was overwhelmed and I needed some guidance to find my way to express myself and show my personality with the words.

When I was in middle school I almost failed in English. In high school, I was the worst student in my English class. And in college, I couldn’t keep a conversation during a backpacking trip in Europe.

Because of The Copy Cure, I could create a new website, a new logo, and a whole new brand identity in a week, after months of struggling. I'm writing quicker and with more clarity, it's amazing because English is not my native language!

Carol Gabriel

Graphic Designer

Brazil & Maryland, USA

Verified Purchase

“Not only is writing more fun, but I can express myself better. Learning this skill has been a business game-changer!”

I write a LOT of copy for my business and was trying to do it all myself but not "feeling it." The most painful part for me is getting started.... staring at that blank screen is not only stressful but frustrating!

I have a great copywriter, but sometimes I needed a quick turnaround. Also, it can get pretty darn expensive outsourcing copy for emails, sales pages, and social media.

Now not only is writing more fun, but I feel like I can express myself better. I'm not stressed out when faced with having to write multiple pieces of copy on a deadline. I've definitely increased sales and engagement! Learning this skill is a business game-changer! It's a small investment that will last a lifetime.

Lisa Wells

Marketing, Operations and Systems Guide

North Carolina, USA

Verified Purchase

“My last blog post went viral.”

I used to tell myself: I am not a writer. In high school and undergrad, my grades on my English papers reflected the same story. I was scared to start my blog, I was scared to submit articles, scared to write posts. It took me weeks to write articles no one read. I agonized over telling each social media post.

But my last post describing my second cesarean birth went viral. I went from an average 320 views to 1600. I had a guest post on BabyCenter. Today I got an email from a prestigious publication that accepted my article submission request. This article will change the kettlebell community for moms.

Writing is a practiced skill! Not only will The Copy Cure give you the tools to instantly implement to elevate the way you communicate in the written form, the education is always there for you. I refer back frequently and always find new strategies to use in my copy.

Beverley Simpson

Fitness Coach

New York, USA

Verified Purchase

“Not only did I have fun writing my album announcement, it had an open rate of over 60%!”

Even when I spent time writing and designing beautiful emails, they had lower open rates than usual. I took it personally. The launch of my new album was supposed to be exciting, but I felt overwhelmed and almost depressed.

Then I took the Copy Cure. Not only did I have fun writing my album announcement, it had an open rate of over 60%! If you hate writing, you should take The Copy Cure.

Meg Okura

Jazz Artist, Composer & Violinist

New York City, USA

Verified Purchase

“I had a 5-figure launch to a list of just 400 people.”

Purchasing The Copy Cure was worth the investment several times over, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I've written blog posts and sales pages that have helped me build my 6-figure business. I have no doubt that my 5 figure launch to a list of just 400 people in 2016 was due to the sales emails I wrote (the sales came in within hours of the emails going out!).

But the best result is when someone emails me or meets me in person, and says, "You wrote what I was literally thinking in my head!" I LOVE hearing that.

Ashley Srokosz

Holistic Nutritionist & Essential Oil Expert

Ontario, Canada

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“I’m writing so much more, and so much faster! As an entrepreneur and mum to SIX kids I don’t have time to procrastinate.”

I would sit at my desk staring at a flashing cursor, only to type a sentence and delete it, over and over. I was stuck! This fear affected my emails, social media and going forward with new ideas for my business. I took this class to boost my confidence in copywriting.

I’m writing so much more, and so much faster! As an entrepreneur and mum to SIX kids I don’t have time to procrastinate. The Copy Cure taught me skills to not only get started but to have more confidence in what I was writing. The course is filled with so many little nuggets of knowledge that will give you the confidence to write creative copy that will boost sales and save you time!!

Tenille Duncan

Personal Trainer

Gold Coast, Australia

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“My investment in the Copy Cure has already been returned 100-fold, both in relationships and in revenue.”

I had just quit a decade-long corporate consulting career to go full time with my business. Suddenly I had to abandon 10 years of writing "corporate-speak" to find my voice. Talk about intimidating! Oh and I had to be entertaining and funny too? HALP.

My business is about relationships and I knew it was CRUCIAL that I have the skills to do that remotely so I can reach as many women as possible. And because of The Copy Cure, I now write EXACTLY like I speak, and am able to build as authentic of relationships online as I am in person because of it — and that's a lot to admit coming from an *offline* dating coach!

I'll hop on a sales call with a reader and get "Camille! I feel like I KNOW you just from reading your emails!" I've had people who've known me for decades and people I've never, ever met tell me they hear my voice in my copy. And that it feels like they're getting an email from a good friend :) It's an invaluable skill I will use to continue building remote relationships for the rest of my life. One that will never leave me, and for that I'm forever grateful.

Thank you for everything! The dividends from my investment in the Copy Cure have already been returned to me 100-fold, both in relationships and in revenue.

Camille Virginia

Offline Dating Coach

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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“I went from 2 clients to 20. Take this class like your business depends on it!”

The Copy Cure was the BEST thing I have ever done. My ideal clients love my website and copy! I am now known in my small midwestern community for supporting women in their twenties with navigating adulting and I have grown my client roster by leaps and bounds. Of course, some of those clients are teens, women in their 30's, 40's, and 50's and I also have dudes on my roster! I attract my ideal clients and the people who are drawn to me because I'm me. :) Thanks so much for changing the way I show up in my work making me better able to serve my clients through language. Just this week I had a woman I partner with locally ask me what copywriting class I took so she can send her staff through the course because she loves how I write. :) Yea!

I went from having 2 clients to 20. People are actually subscribing to my list. I now retain most of those subscribers. New clients always tell me how much they love my website and how excited they are to do their free consultation because they have finally found what they were looking for. If I could go back in time I would pay at least double, that's how amazing The Copy Cure is. Take the class like your business depends on it and you won't regret it!

Lisa Kuzman

Life Coach

South Dakota, USA

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“I have a suuuuper small list — 66 to be precise. And I converted 15 of them into paying clients.”

I have a suuuuper small list — 66 to be precise. And I converted 15 of them into paying clients.

I had heard how beta testers must get stuff for free, but I confidently asked my audience to pay up right off the bat. So, my first 10 beta testers willingly paid and got massive results. These people went on to bring me my next 5 clients.

I receive emails and hand written notes all the time about how I must have written a piece “just for them.” And soo many of them say it. :-)

Pleeeease take the plunge! Copy Cure is gonna help you believe in your own voice and see it for the asset that it truly is.

Girija Satyanarayan

Health Coach

California, USA

Verified Purchase

“You're making your life 1000x harder by not going through The Copy Cure.”

I use the Copy Cure EVERY time I write a blog or story - especially for headlines, opening sentences and email subject lines. I found that I love letting my quirky sense of humor fly free! And those are the emails that get opened. Being myself works, imagine that? ;)

To date I've written 30 blog posts! And I can batch them and write 4 in a week now! I'm currently also writing for 4 other health and wellness websites. I'm also flexing my writer's muscles and have a goal of writing in my book for an hour 5x a week (sometimes even on weekends too), so far I've been right on track!

If you have a business relying on emails being opened and acted upon, you're making your life 1000x harder by not going through the Copy Cure. Do what I did and push the easy button. Starting and running your own business is tough, let this be an area that you let it be easy.

Rachael Taylor

Confidence & Relationship Coach

California, USA

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“After taking The Copy Cure, I don't even hesitate when I write.”

When I first saw the Copy Cure course, I was battling with a little high school English class anxiety. I always felt like writing was not a thing that I could do. What frustrated me most was that I had knowledge I wanted to share. But I felt like anything I put out there in word form would be mocked or rejected.

After taking The Copy Cure, I don't even hesitate when I write. I blog and adore storytelling on social media both for myself and my clients. It totally changed the direction of my business. In a world where so many things are communicated in words — emails, social media, blogs, website, product descriptions — empowering yourself to feel confident to write is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Mands Burnette

Web Design & Digital Marketing

Verified Purchase

“My website is finally working for me! Calls are coming in and my shop is now the most popular page on my website.”

At sixty, I no longer want to do a road trip every two weeks. I want to spend more time in my garden, ride my bike, and travel. But I had no ideal customer avatar and my website lacked text. I was intimidated by all the information I’d need for each of my products to show up in search results. I knew little parts of the process but lacked a deep understanding of how to make them work together.

I found Marie, who spoke so clearly about what I was trying to do and made learning it all so much easier.

The biggest thing The Copy Cure changed was how I listen to my customers. And it helped me to talk to my customers.

Because of The Copy Cure, my website is starting to work for me! I've focused the copy on my product pages and my “Shop” is now the most popular page on my website. Now that the website is more functional, calls are starting to come in.

I feel really good. The Copy Cure gave me the confidence to really be myself.

Marina Bosetti

Ceramic Artist

North Carolina, USA

Verified Purchase

“My likes went from 200 to 650 with over 100 comments. And that was just my first time applying the methods.”

I wrote my first instagram post after listening to The Copy Cure the other day. I made edits to the description, taking out filler words and acted like I was talking to my best friend. My likes on that post went from an average 200 to 650 with over 100 comments from an average 14 comments. And that was just my first time applying the methods. There are countless home decor accounts on Instagram, using what I've learned will help create unique content for my followers and potential clients.

The Copy Cure is worth every penny and you will find yourself using it in every part of your life. It's created more meaningful engagement with family, friends, clients, followers, you name it. It was the perfect guidance I needed to be myself.

Leanne Coggin

Custom Furniture, E-Design & Staging Services

Texas, USA

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“My blog traffic has increased 3X.”

Besides feeling much more confident, my blog traffic has increased three-fold. This investment was totally worth it for me. I am still reaping the benefits. The gift that keeps on giving (in the most positive sense!!!).

If you want to feel more confident in your writing and get your message across to people so they know what you want them to do, this is the class to take. Plus who doesn’t want to spend more time with Marie Forleo!!

Alicia Berberich

The Women’s Marketing Luncheon

Washington, USA

Verified Purchase

From “Will they even want to read this?” to “I get thank you emails from my readers all the time!”

When I sat down to write, I'd have an idea and it would turn into a novel. It felt like I couldn't focus into one simple concept, in a conversational way, and get the job done. The way I wrote was long and wordy so the whole production of writing an email or blog post was a 3-hour project.

When I had first started my business, I sent an email maybe once every 2-3 months....only when I was offering an event. It sounds crazy, but I worried even that one email would annoy people.

Fortunately, a student encouraged me to start blogging and sending emails far more frequently. I could tell copy was the foundation of my business — the front door into the building — so I wanted it to be good. Really good.

As I made my voice conversational in my writing, it became so much more simple. I didn't try to be perfect, I stopped thinking in my academic way. I learned to keep it simple, like I was talking to a friend, or my sister or my mom. I knew I was hitting a chord with my writing when I started getting emails from people that said, "You read my mind!" And, "I sit down with a cup of coffee every time I see one of your notes in my Inbox." And, "every time I read Grace Notes, it's exactly what I needed to hear — it's uncanny. Thank you.

Grace Bell

Certified Facilitator and Byron Katie Coach

Washington, USA

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“Now I have increased sales, more subscribers, and way more engagement. It’s a small investment for big results!”

After tweaking parts of my website, almost immediately I received comments from new clients. They LOVED what they read and immediately felt connected, like they really knew me! And they wanted to be part of it.

My biggest aha moment was when I realized I could express my true self through copy. That’s one thing a competitor can’t replicate. Now I have increased sales, more subscribers, and way more engagement. It’s a small investment for big results. And it’s super fun!

Johanna Nichola

The Wedding Opera & The Business of Weddings

Ontario, Canada

Verified Purchase

“We were attempting Facebook ads and not getting many responses. We were spending money and not getting a return.”

I took The Copy Cure because we were attempting Facebook ads and not getting many responses. We were spending money and not getting a return. It was difficult to get engagement or build our list. Now the most successful ad has generated 6247 clicks and over 1000 emails since taking the class. I have learned to use more enticing calls to action.

Rebecca Dorschner

Value & Intention Based Education

Wisconsin, USA

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“I have a PhD in English, but that didn't mean that I understood how to write emails that people want to open.”

I was pivoting from Technical Writing to Copywriting and hadn't studied it since graduate school ten years ago. I have a PhD in English, but that didn't mean that I understood how to write emails that people want to open. I wanted a crash course in how to write great copy for the digital landscape.

I became faster and more certain of my writing. I also started saying "yes" to copywriting projects that scared me, which allowed me to expand my services. I return to this course every few months to brush up. Thank you for this tool! It's a fun course with helpful exercises, and it will make your copy better.

Cindy Childress

The Expert's Ghostwriter

Houston, Texas, USA

Verified Purchase

“Writing has become so enjoyable that I finished the first draft of my book!”

The Copy Cure is one of my BEST online course purchases. Ever! Marie and Laura are not only gifted at writing great copy, they're also fun and entertaining. I've watched some videos again and again, just because they're funny. The strategies and tactics are clear, practical, and simple to apply. It becomes a checklist as you comb through your copy. Marie and Laura share a ton of examples that really help you see what great looks like.

The lessons have spread to my sales meetings, training, and speaking. Now, I leave every sales meeting with a proposal request. Writing has become so comfortable and enjoyable that I finished the first draft of my book! Get this… I had no intentions of ever writing a book. Each time I watch The Copy Cure, I think of new ways to be more fun and creative.

I went from staring at a blank screen (writing long, detailed, mind-numbing copy) to really enjoying the creative process. I have a big mission and message to change the world. I'm so grateful for both of you!

Lisa Scolnick

Operations & Engineering

New York, USA

Verified Purchase

“I can whip out a blog post in no time, where it took me hours of tweaking and fiddling before.”

When I first bought The Copy Cure I had just started my business. I used The Copy Cure to create basically ALL of my website copy. I devoured every last bit of information and I have to say it's been transformational. Within a week I had all my copy for my Homepage, About page and Work With Me page.

My email marketing has spiked as my emails are now being read. My headlines in my newsletter AND my blogs actually get eyeballs. Overcoming writer's block has never been easier. I don't suffer from just word vomiting on a published page anymore. I actually can whip out a blog post in no time, where it took me hours of tweaking and fiddling before. All in all I increase engagement on my pages and people read my blogs, mailshots and the bounce rate on my website has decreased significantly.

Don't wait! This is a game changer. If you can't afford a professional copywriter, then this is your holy grail! That, and I also think it's one of the best tools to learn how to write full stop. I come back to The Copy Cure fairly regularly and I haven't regretted it one bit, in fact, it gets better because I still learn more and more!

Adina Kroll

Business Coach

Farnham, Surrey, England

Verified Purchase

“I created an About page in less than an afternoon—and immediately began to get compliments!”

I used one of the easy-to-implement About page suggestions and bam! My writing flowed easily. I created an About page I am proud of—in less than an afternoon—and immediately began to get compliments!

And it gets better from there. This About page is so approachable, that when I've shared the link with other people, they are able to "get" my business and relate with me and my work much more easily now. I wanted to start getting booked as a speaker, and now I've been booked as a guest at multiple events. The About page has given me easy confidence to put myself out there. The number of people who have asked to connect with me has gone up. And so has my number of clients and students for my online programs. It feels amazing.

Thanks, Copy Cure!

Rebecca Kellogg

Shamanic Support for Changemakers

Santa Clarita, California, USA

Verified Purchase

“Less people are price shopping. Customers who reach out have already decided they want to work together.”

I had difficulty writing how I talk while also conveying my knowledge, experience and professionalism. I was frustrated by people contacting me, yet a small percentage turning into clients. I wanted my website to better weed out people who aren't a good fit, and draw in the people that are. Bottom line: I wanted to better connect with *my* ideal clients.

Writing has become easier! I no longer feel like I need to write as if I'm a perfectly polished expert. And I'm getting higher conversions! I'm getting less people that are price shopping. Most of the people who reach out have already decided they'd like to work together.

Debbie Gadbois

Webb Weavers Consulting

California, USA

Verified Purchase

“I can now write an email in 10 minutes.”

Before I took The Copy Cure, I lacked that spark in my copy. I didn't want to waste any more time writing average newsletters and flat blog titles that were never going to stand out of the crowd. I wanted to connect to my audience in a way that felt authentic to me.

Four months after taking The Copy Cure, I got dozens of emails from people answering back to my newsletters asking if I'd written to them personally.

And you know what the best part is? I can now write an email in 10 minutes.

You need copywriting for basically anything you do. The Copy Cure is an investment that you have to be willing to take to thrive at anything.

Camille Peyssard


Paris, France

Verified Purchase

“I couldn’t believe it. After using one of the attention-grabbing email subject lines my newsletter read rate jumped 7.6%!”

Before The Copy Cure it was frustrating and painful figuring out how to diversify and spice up my content. I felt boring and disconnected and didn't know how other marketing mavens had breathed such life into their content and communities. I felt like I was stuck in a rut while others were gliding along.

At the time, my blog was losing hard-earned followers because I didn't know how to communicate in a clear and exciting way. Even I was getting bored! My voice was there but not at the level I knew it needed to be to stand out. I needed help.

Since finishing The Copy Cure, I feel more confident in my ability to write in a way that connects with people. After using one of the attention-grabbing email subject lines, my newsletter read rate jumped 7.6%! I couldn't believe it. Also, my website is being redesigned and the copy is clear and fun. I also get more comments on my Instagram posts than ever before.

It's worth every penny. Actually, I felt guilty for paying so little once I realized how comprehensive and helpful it was. Also, I trust Marie Forleo more than any other person out there so if you're going to buy a course she's the person to buy it from.

Francesca Phillips


California, USA

Verified Purchase

“I have NEVER had copy convert like this before!!”

My writing was clunky and my message wasn’t clear or powerful enough. I was about to start (re)writing my new website, and I knew I wanted it to be as good as possible. As a B-Schooler, I knew that I could expect the best from Marie.

I recently launched my first paid programme and the feedback I got from everyone was along these lines: "I had to sign up because it was as if you could see into my life, as if you were speaking just to me.”

I have NEVER had copy convert like this before!! If you want your copy to convert, compel, inspire, sell, move people and more — then you definitely need The Copy Cure.

Sophie Le Brozec

Verified Purchase

“Honestly, writing is way more fun after The Copy Cure.”

The Copy Cure is the best copy course I’ve ever taken. Together, Marie and Laura bring a light-hearted, BFF energy into the course, which somehow makes it super easy to learn. They give you the courage to have some flippin’ fun in your copy and your business, while still makin’ money. Who wouldn’t want that?

Honestly, writing is way more fun after The Copy Cure. Some days, I’d rather scrub toilets then sit at my desk to write, but The Copy Cure took me out of my perfectionist mentality and into a much more playful way of speaking my truth. Which, in turn, is much more effective with sales and website copy.

Spenser Brassard

Fertility Coach

Alberta, Canada

Verified Purchase

“Sales are up! I’ve grown to an agency and I have 6+ other postpartum doulas working with me.”

Back when I started The Copy Cure I was working in solo practice as a postpartum doula. I was working toward educating my community about the service I provide. Words are important! I was hoping The Copy Cure would make my messaging more appealing and bring in more clients.

Writing is easier now. Sales are up! I’ve grown to an agency and I have 6+ other postpartum doulas working with me to serve clients. Taking The Copy Cure was super fun. I laughed and learned! Do it! Everything Marie does will make you a better business owner. Learn from her.

Jill Reiter

Postpartum Family Care

Michigan, USA

Verified Purchase

“All of a sudden there's no more ‘What am I going to write about?’”

I was working for an herbal medicine company and writing a lot for both our customers and retailers like pharmacists and health shops. Our marketing manager kept telling me that my writing needed to be more "consumer facing" (and I had no idea what that meant!). I could write academically but didn't know how to use my voice to communicate to the public.

The Copy Cure program was soooo damn good. I didn't even really understand what "copy" was before. Now I see it everywhere and I'm writing great headlines, email subjects, blogs, presentations and newsletters like a boss!

The marketing manager I mentioned took a copywriting class too (that's where I got the idea from). Hers was WAAY more expensive than this and I don't think it delivered near the value.

It was the logistical stuff that got me. I'd read a bunch of business books that told me to "find my niche" and "market for my ideal customer" but no one ever told me how to figure out who the hell that customer was. Until you guys! That one exercise alone has changed and improved my business one trillion percent.

Marie and Laura make this process super fun and most importantly TEACH YOU TO SOUND LIKE YOU. So all of a sudden there's no more "what am I going to write about". If you can talk, you can write great copy. And they will show you exactly how to do that.

Emily Boese

Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Verified Purchase

“Since taking The Copy Cure, my email conversion rate has increased 44%.”

Writing formally comes very easy to me. Prior to The Copy Cure, I struggled with writing in a conversational manner that really captured the spirit of my personality and my work, allowing me to truly connect with my collectors.

Since taking The Copy Cure, my conversion rate for my email newsletter has increased 44% and the effectiveness of the newsletter itself has led to an overall increase in sales and a better connection with my collectors. It will change the way you write, think about writing, and engage with your audience.

We are in a connection economy and the more your audience gets to know you and build a relationship with you, the faster and bigger your business will grow.

Kristi Kohut

Mixed Media Artist

Illinois, USA

Verified Purchase

"This native Spanish speaker increased her sales and engagement — in English."

As native Spanish speaker, I was struggling with how to communicate in English about my business without losing my real voice. Now my sales and engagement have increased. Now I feel my writing skills improved a lot and it’s easy for me to explain my ideas in a natural way.

Don’t worry if you`re not a native english speaker. If you can at least speak and understand English, and if you want international clients, The Copy Cure will improve your communication skills and open your mind to new business opportunities.

I love how Marie and Laura explain everything. It’s so practical and you can apply each lesson in your business almost immediately. This program is a treasure.

Luisa Torres

Branding & Web Design

Tokyo, Japan

Verified Purchase

“I submitted three articles to professional journals and they were all accepted.”

Before The Copy Cure I couldn't bring my amazing experiences of my teaching work to the page. Writing felt so stilted and serious, and a little bit lonely. I didn't think it should be so hard.

After The Copy Cure, I'm still writing! I submitted three articles to professional journals and they were all accepted. It's a smart move for every business owner.

Jennifer Brilliant

Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Personal Trainer, Studio Owner

New York, USA

Verified Purchase

“Doubled my sales. There is nothing else out there with this depth of training.”

I didn’t know how to approach writing copy and every time I attempted it sounded either stale and boring or generic and fake. The most painful part was just how many hours I spent at my computer, writing and rewriting and rewriting, never knowing how to make it sound like I wanted it to. I tried to mimic others endlessly but then it wasn’t my voice or reflective of my business.

I am writing much faster and with much more ease. I know how to create copy that both reflects my business and hooks my readers. This has allowed me to grow a social media presence and this has doubled my sales.

The playful tone and imagery of the course was SO fun and made me lighten up and get out of my head. It turned a dreary painful task into something approachable and it became an area of my business I could actually begin to feel confident about. I’ve actually gotten compliments on my copy!

The ability to go back and relisten has allowed me to continually refine my writing.

Elizabeth Patterson Coons

Beauty Consultant

Kentucky, USA

Verified Purchase

“It has never been easier to whittle down my wordy first drafts into precise, powerful pieces of content.”

Thanks to the Copy Cure, it has literally never been easier for me to whittle down my wordy first drafts into precise, powerful pieces of content. It's not that I magically stopped writing clunky copy... but now, I know how to turn those first drafts into clear, focused pieces of writing that resonate with the right people. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to not have to *try so hard* to drive home my ideas; I finally have to tools to express them with clarity, punch, and restraint.

There isn't a single copywriting course out there that delivers this level of easily-digestible ideas, practical tips, and high-impact resources that will transform your writing. As long as you're willing to do the work. Simply put: do it. You won't look back.

Michelle Anthony

Founder, The Hearty Fig

Virginia, USA

Verified Purchase

“Before The Copy Cure I didn’t know my voice... Now I just type away with confidence."

Before The Copy Cure I didn’t know my voice. I did the best I could with my email blasts but never with confidence. Now I just type away with confidence with my customer avatar in mind. And I did a video!!!! I would never have done anything like this before. Thanks Marie and Laura!

Joelle Lynn

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Owner and Founder of Beautiful Waxing Boutique

New Jersey, USA

Verified Purchase

“I sold out my first two online programs. Not only am I writing with more ease and confidence, I'm actually enjoying the process! My words, even when I'm selling, finally feel like me! You'll use this for the rest of your days. Go ahead and hit that Enroll Now button.”

Laura Di Franco, MPT

Founder, Brave Healer

Maryland, USA

Verified Purchase